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Joshua was sure could get on with their adventure, he was sure little Tommy
was in the mood for some play things.
"Your T-shirt is really too warm, your arm pits are soaked with sweat this
way. Shall I help you a little bit, boy, you have to get rid of that wide
Tommy smiled and nearly begged,
"Yes please, Daddy, can you undress me?"
Joshua asked Tommy,
"Boy, come to me, I will help you."
Little Tommy raised his little smooth arms up in the air, allowing Joshua to
pull up his wide T-shirt. Joshua slowly pulled the T shirt up and over
Tommy's head, revealing his smooth chest. He rubbed his strong hand over the
kid's smooth chest, stroked his little nipples which were hardening to his
gentle light touch.
The boy was sitting on the couch naked from the waist up. He took hold of
Tommy's little hand and pulled him close having him sit on his lap cross
ways. Tommy felt Joshua's man cock starting to harden. The boy smiled but he
was a bit funny sitting in Joshua's lap this way. He felt Joshua's man cock
under his little bum, feeling Daddy's strong warm arms around him.
The boy loved the touch and it was so funny and great!
Tommy's little butt pressed firmly into Joshua's still growing cock. There
was a strange tension and they both felt a little strange and playfully.
Joshua hold one of Tommy's hands and allowed him to bend backwards, his
blond head towards the ground nearly touching it. Little Tommy loved to play
this way, being in the hands of this powerful Daddy.
"How far can you go, handsome?"
Daddy asked.
Little Tommy's blond head was near the floor and his whole little body
arched with his smooth legs draped over Joshua's hairy legs. Tommy loved to
be into this position and laughed!
Joshua admired his boy pot belly and placed his other hand on his tight
white briefs, feeling the outline of his little boy penis and little balls.
The boy was a little bit confused and said, save and secure in his strong
hand, to Joshua,
"I don't want to fall, Daddy! Save me! S.O.S. please Daddy, get me up!"
Joshua didn't squeeze the soft cotton of Tommy's boy briefs, just stroked it
very lightly. He could feel the small mound of his little boy penis in the
palm of his strong hand. Tommy's penis definitely reacted to his light
touch! Joshua felt his little boy penis throbbing under the cotton.
The boy didn't make any complains nor rejected his gentle actions.
Tommy just asked giggling and playfully,
"Please, pull me back up, Daddy. But don't use my pie-pie as your handle,
Joshua smiled, he was sure the boy was afraid of getting a `raging' little
hard-on. Joshua said to Tommy with a grin on his face, breaking the tension,
"Don't fight me boy, just enjoy the feeling. You call me `Daddy', so trust
me all the way, I will never drop you this way to the floor. You are a good
boy and a little sweet thing.
Let's go for something different, my little Tommy."
They both laughed! Joshua helped little Tommy to get right up and moved the
little boy onto the couch next to him. He placed his strong hand on Tommy's
bottom doing so Underage Lolita Pic and couldn't help himself kneading his firm butt cheeks on
it's way up. The boy giggled again happily,
"Daddy, it's great to be close to you. I love you very much!"
Joshua's hold his hand under the boy and his middle finger slipped between
his young little buns stretching the white cotton of his briefs. He pressed
firmly into Tommy's little boy crack, desperate to feel the boys valley on
his middle finger. Joshua left his finger there and laughed to the boy.
Surprised he felt Tommy pushed and moved a little bit to get it more and
deeper between his little ass cheeks. Slowly the little boy nearly sat
really on his finger!
"Hey, Daddy, that feels strange and nice! You like to feel my bum?"
Tommy asked. Daddy Underage Lolita Pic
removed his finger and smiled,
"Yes Tommy, I like to feel you everywhere. You don't like it, little one? To
be honest, Daddy likes your tiny lovely ass cheeks, the valley between your
cheeks. Your cute little valley is so soft, warm and so nice. I want to find
out what happens there. Maybe it sounds weird, you don't like what Daddy is
doing, baby? Can't Daddy touch your little behind, my boy?"
"Sure Daddy, I like it, but Underage Lolita Pic it's a new somewhat strange feeling, that's all,
Daddy. Nobody ever touched me there."
Joshua had Tommy sitting into his lap again. This felt so good, his little
boy frame pressed against his body. Tommy's small bottom was against his
hard Daddy cock! Tommy's small ass cheeks really moved down on his horny man
cock and Joshua groaned in silence.
In a strange flash he wanted to take this cute smooth boy into his bed, to
hug him, make love to him, suck him, fuck him.
Joshua placed his big hands on each of Tommy's little knees, moving his
hands with care further over his smooth boy legs. Inching closer and closer
to his little boy penis and balls,
"Mm, Daddy, that feels so nice! Underage Lolita Pic I feel your warm hands everywhere, please
stroke me Daddy, I love it, really!"
Joshua smiled at the cute little boy, he enjoyed feeling the boy's smooth
legs and was about just an inch away from his treasures!
Joshua lightly brushed the back of his finger against Tommy's little package
inside the stretched cotton of his white boy briefs. Joshua was sure little
Tommy felt it, the kid closed his eyes and opened his pretty mouth,
"Yeah, mm, feels so good, mm, Daddy!"
The boy didn't say anything more. Joshua continued to run his finger softly
over the cotton, from the base of his little ball sack and up to the tip of
his hardening little boy penis. Joshua placed his hand right over his warm
little balls. He didn't squeezed them and Tommy took a quick breath in and
push his hips forward a bit to meet his hand.
Tommy's small smooth legs opened Underage Lolita Pic just a little, Joshua gave a little squeeze
on his little balls. Tommy groaned, sat on his lap not saying a word, his
eyes were closed and he moaned like a whisper,
"Yeah, Daddy, Daddy."
The little boy leaned his blond head against Joshua's powerful chest. Joshua
continued to fondle his little balls through the cotton of his white briefs.
Tommy started to lick Joshua chest and he Underage Lolita Pic sucked on Joshua's nipples as a
little baby,
"Mm, your chest is salty and hairy, Daddy."
Joshua smiled and lifted each of Tommy's smooth legs over his hairy leg so
they draped down the outside of his strong legs. This way he could spread
his own legs apart and spread Tommy's smooth legs at the same time. He knew
Alex loved this position and he enjoyed it too!
Little Tommy's penis was now fully open to Joshua's large hands. He
continued to fondle the kid's little penis through the cotton of his white
briefs with one hand and the other hand took care of his smooth leg.
Joshua's hand went to the top of his leg opening slowly towards his little
begging little penis. Bringing one hand up to his smooth boy chest Joshua
felt his wonderful skin again, his immature flat chest and fast beating
"You like this, baby boy?"
Little Tommy nodded his head and nearly begged,
"Yeah, Daddy, it feels so great! Please go on, don't stop, Daddy."
Joshua became more bold and tried to slide his hand down the front of his
white boy briefs. He wanted and needed to feel the boy's smooth little cock
and balls!
Joshua moved slowly his hand under the waistband of his white briefs
touching his boy cock. Now Tommy didn't speak, Tommy was shocked in a way,
but needed more! He simply yelled out,
Tommy wanted Joshua to touch him all the way! Joshua felt his tiny cock head
with the tips of his big strong fingers. Tommy's little foreskin was sliding
up and down with Joshua's touch,
"Tommy, do you like how this feels? Be honest with your Daddy, my boy."
Tommy just groaned!
Kissing him on the top of his blond head, Joshua stopped playing with the
kid's penis for a moment.
"Yes, Daddy,"
said little Tommy after some seconds,
"I do! I love it!"
Tommy and Joshua noticed someone was approaching the door of the room. Tommy
popped out of Joshua's lap just as the door started to open. Joshua was sure
they both looked guilty of something.
Alex entered the living room in his white briefs and he looked at them.
There was a deep silence. Alex smiled,
"Sorry, didn't know you were busy, Daddy."
"That's okay son, we are not busy. Tommy here couldn't sleep, that's all, so
we are playing a bit. You want to join us?"
Alex looked at his Daddy and his eyes Underage Lolita Pic wandered over his nearly naked friend,
the little Tommy and waved at them with a knowing smile on his face,
"Daddy, teach him everything the way you did it to me. Well, I mean, so we
can play together, you know, Tommy and I, if you don't mind. You are the
best teacher in the world! Bye Tommy, bye Daddy, happy play!"

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